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A native Floridian, Kathy Gilbert Maresca grew up with a grandmother of Seminole heritage. Kathy served in the Air Force, at the Academy cadet chapel and then at a special operations command. Read more.

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Porch Music

Porch Music will be released October 2022 from TouchPoint Press.

A portrait of a family descended from Florida’s Seminole Tribe paints secrets too dangerous to reveal. All sixteen-year-old Rose has is what she carries: a pillowcase of clothes, her boyfriend’s unborn child, and a heart full of shame. In the face of 1952’s strict moral code, Seminole matriarch Ma-Ki Ebbing embraces Rose. Ma-Ki, on the fringe of society, clings to her Native American traditions and secrets surrounding her husband’s murder while her adult children are unraveling.

The Ebbing women band together, marching through a chorus of grit and grind to unite a family once rendered powerless by a people who invaded their land. Will the tragic death of one of her daughters cause Ma-Ki to identify the villain and embrace Rose’s newfound faith?

Sky Kiss – Coming 2023!

Porch Music

Sky Kiss will be released from TouchPoint Press.

Sergeant Kate Wesson’s abrupt departure from the Air Force leaves an affair of the heart suspended in midair. Regardless of her success in the civilian world, Kate cannot forget tanker pilot Flynn Murray. The romance survives a decade before the two go their separate ways. When Kate learns about a plane crash involving Flynn, unanswered questions haunt her. Locked in a toxic marriage, Kate lacks freedom to work through her grief. Kate dares to become single again in spite of limited funds and a neurological disorder. Investigating the crash, she uncovers what she has forgotten, the catalyst that propelled her from active duty. Will Kate have the courage to reach into the past and chart a new course?